A New Wine Deal Site Worth Checking Out. Especially Today.

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It’s not a new site, but Last Bottle is new to me. I only recently heard about it and have been keeping an eye on their wine deals.

Today is probably the day I’ll place my first order (or 10) because they’re running a wine marathon, with FREE shipping on all orders. For me the cost of shipping which often negates the savings, so always excited when these deals come up.

The Last Bottle Wine Deal Marathon is running today and tomorrow and started at 9AM Napa time. They sell one wine at a time until it sells out, then put up a new option. The selections will include “HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of wines from every category imaginable…Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Spain, Brunello, Sonoma, Champagne, collector wines and daily drinkers!!”

last bottle marathon april

From 1-2PM PT today they’re running some big deals on “special, ultra rare” selections, so don’t be turned off by the higher prices if you’re looking for everyday wine. Just wait an hour or two to start shopping.

There’s free gound shipping on everything, no minimum. Though because they’re combining orders for shipping it might take up to two weeks to get your wine.

If you’re new to Last Bottle, you can sign up via my link and get $5 towards your first purchase!

How Last Bottle Wine Deals Usually Works
Based on my observations they usually have 1 to 2 wines on offer a day and they send you an email with each new option, slightly less hectic than my beloved WTSO. When they’re not running a marathon they have a fun quirk where if you actually buy the last bottle on sale you get a $25 credit to your account. 🙂 You also earn 2% credit on all orders. Like WTSO, ground shipping is free with a minimum number of bottles, usually 3-4.

Intrigued? Check out my other go-to sites for the best places to find online wine deals.

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