Here’s Why You Don’t Want Room 255

a window with curtains and a bed

Last minute booking on a holiday weekend at the Blackwater Falls state park. The website was showing sold out so I had to call for availability and wasn’t surprised my only option was a parking lot view.  Fair enough. But I at least expected a view of the parking lot.a window with curtains and a bed

Blackwater Falls Lodge is great in its own way, but Room 255 is the worst. The only room with a completely obstructed view. Well, that might not be quite accurate since I could see a tiny patch of sky if I pressed my face to the glass at the far sides of the window.

a room with two beds and a lamp

The room was almost charmingly dated. Wood panel walls, well worn (but clean) bedspreads. One twin and a queen because you couldn’t fit much else. And a remarkably large, modern TV.

a room with two beds and a tv on the wall

A very old bathroom that featured locally made soaps and shampoos. Decent hot water, though the water pressure left something to be desired.

a toilet and sink in a bathroom

a basket with small bottles of milk and soap

And no keycards. Real keys (that get stuck in the locks)

a key on a keychain

But location is everything and if you’re visiting Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia, this is a great option.

a building with a sign on the front

a building with a stone walkway and grass
Canyon side of Blackwater Falls Lodge

Located at the edge of the canyon and right next to Elakala Falls, the hotel offers amazing views a few minutes walk from your room. And its in-park location means you can roll out of bed, grab some complimentary coffee in the lobby and catch the sunrise from any of the park’s overlooks with minimum effort.

a tree on a hill with a valley in the background

The rest of the hotel is straight out of Dirty Dancing. Kept expecting to see Patrick Swazey come walking out of the game room. Cause yep, there’s a game room.

a room with arcade games

And a large TV/lounge area.

a room with a television and a table

a room with a table and chairs

And a very crowded indoor pool and an empty fitness center.

a room with exercise equipment

And lots of bird decals on all the windows.

a window with a wooden frame

a red white and blue flower in a basket
patriotic decor throughout

I loved the outdoor seating and even opted for dinner on the porch at The Smokehouse, the hotel restaurant.

a lawn with chairs and a stone patio

a restaurant patio with tables and chairsEverything was quite fresh and to be at a hotel and in a park, very reasonably priced with dinner entrees $10-25.

a plate of salad with a small bowl of sauce

a pie on a plate

a plate of food on a table

So if you need a nature getaway, I highly recommend Blackwater Falls Lodge. Just get a canyon view or insist on any other room except 255. 😛

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  1. Decals are often put on windows as a way of ‘warning’ birds that there is something there – to help prevent often fatal collisions between birds and glass that they do not recognize is there.

  2. Hi Keri – enjoyed your review of the Blackwater- it brought back lots of memories. The Blackwater seems pretty typical west virginia to me – last summer we stayed with my in-laws and the kids at the Oglebay resort near Wheeling — a place renowned for its extensive drive through Christmas lights…except not in July. If there is a building in West Va that doesn’t have wood paneling I’d love to see it. Other amenities featured were a glass museum (great fun with kids), the worlds muddiest mini-golf course, and the ubiquitous game room. The food looks profoundly better at the Blackwater.We had a lot of fun on “Italian”night at the dinner buffet – which featured a mix your own italian soda bar — the kids made some incredibly vile concoctions of club soda and that odd syrup they put in coffee drinks. All and all West Virginia is a place to have really one-of-a-kind unexpected fun and sometimes get a view of the parking lot.

    1. That sounds like fun! I may have to check Oglebay out. I love West Virginia’s parks and, provided you have some view of the outdoors, dated accommodations can just add to experience.

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