National Donut Day: Where to Get All the Free Donuts

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June 3, 2016 is National Donut Day and many stores are offering free, or almost free donuts. So do your part to celebrate National Donut Day’s historyย and take advantage. ๐Ÿ™‚

Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut, no strings attached.

Duck Donuts is also offering a free donut.

Dunkin Donuts is giving away a free donut with purchase of a beverage.

Entenmanns is doing a giveaway for a year of free donuts.

Entenmanns national donut day giveaway

Giant is offering a free donut with beverage purchase or a free 1/2 dozen donuts with the purchase of 1/2 dozen.

Tim Hortons is offering a 6 pack of donuts for only $2.99 with this coupon.

Check your Safeway app for a free donut offer.

safeway app free donut

Rumor has it the QuickTrip app also is offering a free donut.

For more National Donut Day offers including Fractured Prune, Lamar’s Donuts and more, check out Time’s list. And friends don’t let friends miss out on donuts, so be sure to share this post! ๐Ÿ™‚


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