A Stair Climbing Suitcase, Latest SPG Hot Escapes & More

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Highlights and headlines from around the web:

TraxPack launched a Kickstarter campaign for a smart suitcase that “climbs stairs.” Or rather, it makes it easier to drag it.  Tracks on the side help get traction and propel it along as you pull. And it’s as smart as they come with built in luggage scale, smart phone charger, location tracker, and built in mobile stand.

How traxpack suitcases climb stairs

credit: TraxPack

The latest SPG Hot Escapes are out, and a little disappointing. But if you’re headed to Thailand, Germany, or Belgium there’s some decent discounts, including 50% off villas in Hua Hin.

hua hin villas spg

Wild About Travel has a list of funny and innappropriate airport codes, but I noticed Pensacola, FL (PNS) and others like it are missing. That was a memorable trip — good times but Jeanne was banned from mentioning the airport halfway through the trip. 🙂

Monday, American Airlines made it’s long expected announcement. Starting August 1, award miles will be based on the price of the ticket and they’re adding a new elite status in 2018. I’m not thrilled that they’re going revenue based, but it’s no surprise — this is on par with Delta and United. The new 75,000 mile elite status is a good thing. For those of us who primarily fly for leisure, there’s a chance we can still qualify for free upgrades.

Amazon has a bunch of discounted gift card offers in their Gold Box deals.

Nooooooooo. Looks like overalls are coming back in fashion.

Why I might just have to switch my cell phone to Google Project Fi.

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