European Flights on Sale, On Fire, Things to Know About Jackfruit & More

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Check out The Flight Deal for details on a nationwide sale on fall flights to Europe. The cheapest is San Francisco to Istanbul for $425, but I’m also finding $500-$600 flights from the East Coast to other destinations including Rome, Ireland, etc. These fares won’t last long, so book quickly if you’re interested.

More plane drama: several hours in, a Singapore Airlines flight bound for Milan had to turn around due to engine problems. Shortly after landing one of the engines caught fire.

And some passengers on an American Airlines flight in Heathrow got to deplane via the emergency slide when smoke started to fill the cabin. (Most of the passengers deplaned via jetbridge.)

And tips to avoid fruit drama. Ever tried jackfruit? My hotels in Asia usually feature it on the breakfast buffet, but I never knew all the effort it took to prep it. It’s becoming quite trendy here in DC and the Washington Post has an entertaining and helpful article on how to pick out the perfect jackfruit and minimize the mess.

Getting in on the craze won’t be cheap though — they’re selling for around $1.99 a lb and a whole jackfruit starts at 20lbs.


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