Are Traditional Travel Scrapbooks a Thing of the Past?

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As I was going through some old files this morning I came across my first (and only) travel scrapbook. An amateur but carefully assembled collection from my semester abroad in England –cropped photos, fading admission tickets, even a pressed daffodil.

A year or two later, Creative Memories became a big deal and I invested in an expensive book covered with travel themed tapestry, a $40 photo cropper and all kinds of clever layouts, stickers, and paraphernalia to make my memories beautiful. That scrapbook was never finished, barely even started.travel scrapbook

Already I was starting to travel more, so the time that previously might have been spent documenting the trip of a lifetime was already being used to plan new ones.

A few years after that, online photo books like Shutterfly and Snapfish became all the rage.  After about 15 hours of choosing photos and attempting to put together the perfect layouts, I gave up, only 5 pages in.

At that point my Facebook account already had the highlights of my trips in numerous albums available to my friends. If I wanted to relive the fun I could just scroll through those.

Then we started Heels First Travel, which in many ways is the perfect scrapbook, though I find I’m once again falling behind with some trips from over a year ago unrecorded.

And now there’s Instagram which in many ways might be the perfect scrapbook. Photographing food and signs and moments, in addition to scenery and people is a now thing. So in many ways we’re able to capture the point of an entire scrapbook in just a few shots, with cool filters built right in.

Clouds and sun flying into #portland. #portlandoregon #viewfromthewindow #pdx #river #flight #oregon #cloudyday

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But there’s a certain charm of memories in print that I don’t think digital can ever replace. That crumpled concert ticket next to a photo of you and your bestie. The ticket stub from your first first class flight. The sketch a random stranger made of you on a cocktail napkin.

Probably why I still have several boxes of memories from my trips and an uncertain desire to once again start cropping and pasting. If I ever get the time.

What do you think? Are traditional scrapbooks obsolete? How do you like to capture your trip memories?

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