Kaley Cuoco’s Love of Wine Got Her in Trouble at the Airport

a security check in at an airport

The Big Bang Theory star talks about a recent encounter with the TSA where not one, but two wine openers were confiscated. One of them being a full size Rabbit wine opener, “with the arm,” found in her purse!

It’s a fun little clip, slightly reminiscent of those celebrity magazine features “They’re just like us” showing celebrities pumping their own gas and buying groceries like normal people.

Good to know even famous people have stuff confiscated by the TSA.

And of course this is something that happens to me, though not (yet) with a full size wine opener. I have my travel routine down, everything in bags and TSA approved, no liquids more than 3oz, etc. But every now and again I’ll be in a hurry, forget I used my bag for non-plane travel, and find myself with the most random contraband –scissors, a half drunk bottle of water, a small jar of peanut butter, one time even a box cutter.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve forgotten to take out of your bag before heading to the airport?

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  1. Spyderco folding knife with serrated blade. Shocking part is I discovered it in my bag after arrival, bag scans missed it entirely!

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