Visiting Muir Woods? You Now Need a Reservation

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In January, the National Park Service launched a shuttle and parking reservation system for Muir Woods, so if you’re planning to drive or take the Muir Woods Shuttle, you’ll want to plan ahead. If you’re visiting with a tour group or being dropped off looks like you won’t be affected.

Important things to know about the Muir Woods reservation system:

  • Parking costs $8 per vehicle, the shuttle is $3 per person.
  • Reservations can be made online at GoMuirWoods.com or by calling 1-800-410-2419.
  • Full refunds or changes to your reservation can be up to 72 hours before your reservation time.
  • Same day reservations are possible, depending on availability, but no parking reservations will be sold onsite. Just showing up will only get you frustration.
  • Muir Woods is popular, so book as far ahead as possible (up to 90 days in advance). Good news for last minute plans, they will release a limited number of spots 5 days in advance.
  • There is little to no cell service at Muir Woods so download your pass in advance!

Get more info and see all the FAQs on the National Park Service website.

Is Muir Woods worth the extra hassle?

If you love nature, absolutely YES! And even if you don’t, still might be worth it.

I went again last fall when the parking lots were full to bursting but you can still find uncrowded space in the park. Go past the first mile of trail and the crowds start to thin.

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