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My Top 3 Travel Essentials

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I don’t think I’m less high maintenance than Jeanne, I probably just don’t pay enough attention to creature comforts. My “travel essentials” thus far have tended to focus on convenience and relieving pain as I’m running through the airport. (All of the links go to the sites I bought them at, I receive no referral credit. You however, should be sure to earn miles or cash back on all purchases!)

1. The Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap — one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I have yet to try one their legendary briefcases, but this strap alone has made a world of difference.

I’m still using the 12 yr old $20 case my first work laptop came in. When I travel, it also doubles as my purse, making it many pounds heavier and that much more painful to cart through sprawling airports like Singapore since all the padding on the strap had long since disintegrated. With this strap, I barely know I have my laptop (which brings it’s own set of problems).

For a short, happy while I was using the Mobile Edge Milano briefcase, which looks as much like a hand bag as a briefcase, but then my work laptop was updated to a larger model and no longer fit. For those not restricted by size, I highly recommend it. Although the straps start cutting into your shoulder when it gets too full, so perhaps pair it with the Tom Bihn strap.

2. Heirs & Grace Eve Wedges — I may not pay enough attention to my face while traveling, but having comfortable, awesome looking heels are a must for me. (This should come as no great surprise.)

I have many a comfortable pair, but the ones that go with almost anything (in warm weather), that I can walk miles in, and even sprint up escalators in as I did for our CLT connection from Jamaica, are my Heirs & Grace Eve wedges.

Sadly, the company has since gone out of business, but if you can ever get your hands on a pair it’s well worth it! And if you find a pair of 9/9.5 you want to send me, I’ll be forever indebted.

3. Tumi Travel Wallet — Another great gift that I wouldn’t splurge for myself is my zippered Tumi travel wallet. It looks sharp, easily fits in my laptop case or doubles as a practical clutch. More importantly, it provides the perfect space to store all my frequent flyer cards AND vouchers, drink chits, coupons and more.

Upon searching, it appears my model is no longer carried, and the closest you can get is their Alpha style, which isn’t leather.

So I recommend looking for one that has a the zippered external compartment (perfect for local currency) on one side and a pocket on the other, great for your passport and tickets. It keeps them safe but handy during immigration, customs, and boarding. And ideally it will be tall enough to fit almost any country’s immigration/landing form and still zip.

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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