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Update on the Perfect Travel Wine Opener

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A few weeks ago I posted about the Unconfiscatable Travel Corkscrew where I bragged that my Boomerang wine opener, which uses little cutting wheels rather than a blade to cut foil, had rarely been flagged for re-screening. I paid for that arrogance. While it still has never been confiscated, since writing that post it gets pulled for a second look half the time I go through security.


I’ve recently discovered two approaches that dramatically reduce the likelihood that I’ll have to wait while my bag is run through a second time. So simple I’m not sure why I didn’t always do this.

1. Volunteer information. When they pause while looking at the screen, I pipe up “I have a bladeless corkscrew in the front pocket.” More than half the time this appears to be the corroboration the person needed when deciding if its suspect. And even if it doesn’t help them, its usually enough for whoever they’ve called over for a second opinion.

2. Pull it out and put it in the bin. Completely straightforward though requiring a little extra effort on my part. They can pick up the corkscrew and verify it has no blade without have to unzip or dig through anything.

So my wine opener is still perfect for travel, but my approach in packing it just needed a little work…


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