Italy Confiscated My Unconfiscatable Corkscrew

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When you think of packing for Italy, a corkscrew probably makes the list. Just make sure you don’t put it in your carry-on!corkscrew_boomerang

The security folks at Milan Linate Airport confiscated my bladeless travel corkscrew (which meets all TSA requirements for carry-on luggage). Not because of the foil cutter, but because it had a corkscrew. Sigh.

It has served me well, and despite a few false alarms, I’d managed to hang on to it for several years of travel — saving me from buying a cheap corkscrew at every destination or being limited to only screw top bottles.

I am ordering another one as I write so I’ll have it for my next trip, I’ll just know now not to bring a corkscrew through Italy unless I want to check a bag :(.

Does anyone know of other countries where the corkscrew and not just the blade is a problem?


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