Going for Status on 3 Airlines: October Update

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Earlier this year I foolishly decided I should go for status on United, American, and US Airways. I won’t bore you with my reasoning, but despite getting off to a good start, things were looking pretty unfortunate by the end of the summer.

My planned trips would have me close to 100,000 for the year, but divided among 3 airlines which meant I’d go from having top status on 2 of the airlines and almost top status on the other this year to struggling to keep mid level status on all three without shelling out a lot of money and possibly time. Yikes.

Then US Airways targeted me for a triple premier qualifying miles offer and everything changed.

  • On US Airways I now only need to fly 20,000 miles before the end of the year to hit Chairman. A perfect excuse for a trip to Israel combined with two already planned trips to the West Coast and I’m there.
  • Our day in Omaha was the last flight I needed to hit Silver on United Airlines. Not great, but at least now I’ll have access to Economy Plus the day of the flight and stand a slight chance of getting overhead space.
  • I’m 6,000 miles away from hitting Platinum on American Airlines. I’ve given up hope of keeping Executive Platinum before the merger happens (unless they do a double/triple PQM offer at the end of the year), but the 100% bonus for Platinum vs 25% for Golds might make finding an extra trip or two worth it.


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