US Airways Limiting Ability to Buy Elite Status March 1

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In my opinion, one of the greatest deals US Airways had going, was the ability to buy elite status without having flown a mile. Want to be Chairman? You can buy their top status outright for $3,999. If you’ve flown one mile, the price drops to $2,999.

But reader Phillip just let me know that as of March 1, that will no longer be an option. The prices are going up and you’ll only be able to buy up to a tier you’re within 25,000 miles or 30 segments of reaching.

US Airways Changes to Buy Up Fees

With the new pricing structure, mileage runs are now likely to be cheaper than buying up. 🙁 However, you still have 10 days to impact this year’s status by topping off your mileage from last year or current year progress, whichever is more. Buying up January-May only impacts status through February 2015, so to buy status for next year, you have to wait.

US AIrways Status Level Requirements

Note: If you do buy up to Chairman’s you get two systemwide upgrades which can be used to upgrade to First/Envoy on flights to/from Hawaii, Europe, South America and the Middle East. (Flights must be on US Airways metal though and codeshares are excluded.)

To upgrade most fares to Europe, you’d be looking at 30,000 miles + $300 fee each way. So if you have an international flight on US Airways this year, buying up before March 1 might actually be a better deal than paying 60,000 miles + $600 to upgrade your flight!


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