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BBQ Breakfast in Lockhart, TX

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The biggest silver lining flying into Austin (other than getting a free rental from Silvercar) was finally making it out to Lockhart, Texas for great BBQ. But since I was getting in late on Friday night and needed to leave before noon on Saturday, it looked like I’d have to make it breakfast.

Everyone I’ve talked to had their own opinions about whether Kreuz Market, Smitty’s Market, or Black’s BBQ had the best. I didn’t think I’d have enough room to sample all three, I’d be lucky if I could get two, so I wound up making my decisions based on timing.

Smitty’s Market opened at 7AM, so I went there first.

Smittys Market Butcher Shop Entrance

Except the Google Maps directions had me going to the butcher shop part, so I totally missed the cool the entrance which one friend has described as walking into the pit of hell. (I also love that the shop to the left of Smitty’s is a gym.)

Smitty's Market Official Entrance, Lockhart BBQ

Smitty’s Market Official Entrance, Lockhart BBQ

Smitty's Market Orders, Lockhart BBQ

Smitty’s Market Ordering Station

Smittys Market Menu & Prices, Lockhart BBQ

Smittys Market Menu & Prices

I was the only person in there, which wasn’t surprising when they told me they only had sausage and the beef and pork wouldn’t be ready for another hour.

Smittys Market Dining Room & Sides, Lockhart BBQ

Smittys Market Dining Room & Sides

Sausage it was! I ordered half a link of the jalapeño and one of the regular. I opted for the white bread accompaniment but in the interest of stomach space, declined any sides or sweet tea.

Smittys Market Jalapeno and Regular Sausage, Lockhart BBQ

Smittys Market Jalapeno and Regular Sausage

It was delicious, particularly the jalapeno, which was spicy, but not mouth numbing.

It was almost 10AM at this point, so I decided to walk the couple of blocks to Black’s to burn some calories and buy some time until my next round.

Blacks BBQ Lockhart TX

Blacks BBQ “Open 8 Days a Week”

Black's BBQ Entrance Lockhart, TX

Black’s BBQ Entrance

Blacks BBQ Dining Room Lockhart, TX

Black’s BBQ Dining Room

A few people were in line in front of me having the process explained to them. You serve yourself the sides, each side up to 5 oz, was $1.59. I couldn’t help but get some sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but otherwise saved myself for the meat.

Black's BBQ Menu Lockhart, TX

Black’s BBQ Menu

Black's BBQ Slicing Ribs Lockhart TX

Rib slicing station at Black’s BBQ

And I went a little nuts. I got 1/3lb of the moist (fatty) brisket, 1/3lb of the lean brisket, and for good measure got two baby back ribs (2/3lb) since they were out of the pork. And a sweet tea.

Black's BBQ ribs & brisket

It was good, but overwhelming. I found both the briskets pleasantly charred on the outside and pretty moist. They had a good grilled meat flavor that didn’t require sauce, but I did wind up trying it out and rather preferred the lean brisket with it. The ribs, though gloriously meaty, were not my favorite. I don’t know if I was just too full or if I prefer a different style.

Overwhelmed by food at Blacks BBW

Fortunately I wouldn’t have had room to eat all of it, even if I had wanted to. On my way back out of town I was tempted to swing by Kreuz Market just to see, but the giant more commercial look to it was just enough (fortunately) to keep me driving.

Kreuz BBQ Lockhart TX

Kreuz BBQ


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