Quite Possibly the Greatest Movie Venue this Summer

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What’s the best way to watch JAWS on the big screen this summer? How about floating in an inner tube? To celebrate the 40th anniversary of JAWS, the Alamo Drafthouse is doing an in-lake screening July 25 at the Texas Ski Resort between San Antonio and Austin. This is brilliant!

…back in 2002, we invited the brave people of Austin to join us for a special screening of JAWS where we would point our giant outdoor Rolling Roadshow screen toward the water, and the audience would all watch while floating on inner tubes. People who were lucky enough to be there speak of it in hushed tones. People who didn’t get a chance to attend sometimes lie and say they were there, because they know how amazing it was. Almost everyone we know mentions it when they tell an out of town friend about the Alamo Drafthouse, “that movie theater that one time made people sit in a lake to watch JAWS…”

Their giant roadshow screen and sound system will be set up on a nearby island and there is beach front for those not brave enough to watch from the water.

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