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Would You Use a K-Cup Cocktail Machine?

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For those of us who are mixology deficient and/or don’t want a bunch of half empty bottles cluttering our shelves, there’s (expensive) hope on the horizon. Refinery29 recently wrote about a new Kickstarter campaign for Bartesian, essentially a Keurig machine for cocktails. You load it with various liquors and flavor pods and it does all the mixing!

So far, options include Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan Margarita, Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks, and Zest Martini, but the creators are planning more drink choices if the Kickstarter succeeds.

Pledge $299 or more and you can snag one of the first machines which will be priced at $400.

And for tips on how to create more exotic mixed drinks while flying, check out Le Chic Geek’s hack.

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