Orbitz Launches a New Rewards Program. Is It Worth It?

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It never hurts to sign up for a free loyalty program, but whether or not you spend any time on it is another matter. I used to engage with Expedia rewards, but once they reduced airline earning to 1 point per $2, I went back to Orbitz, which has better functionality and still earns 1 point per $1 through the Ultimate Rewards portal. (I’ve avoided Travelocity ever since their customer service fiasco last year)

Now Orbitz has come out with a rewards program of their own, Orbitz Rewards, which is focused primarily on hotels but includes decent flight rewards.

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You can earn up to 5% Orbucks on hotels (3% for booking or 5% for booking via mobile app) and 1% on flights. Your Orbucks can then be turned towards eligible hotels immediately. Earned a dollar, your next stay can be one buck cheaper!

And the more hotel stays you make through them, the more perks you get, such as free breakfast or bigger rewards on the best price guarantee.

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Program Launch Perks

To kick off the program they do have some enticing offers for travel booked through November 22.

  • 15% off eligible hotel booking using code REWARDME
  • $10 extra rewards for first flight
  • Double rewards (2%) on certain carriers (including Alaska and LAN), triple rewards if booked through their mobile app. I’m now hoping for another Easter Island sale 🙂
  • Orbucks rebate on first bag checked bag fee

Is it for me?

At least a little bit.

I love hotel status so I rarely book through a third party since it doesn’t earn qualifying stays. But I do book flights through them, and if I’m somewhere that doesn’t offer my favorite brands the extra rebates, or chance to use earned Orbucks make it worth it. Probably won’t be trying to become a “star” or “super star” though.

If you sign up for Orbitz Rewards using my referral link, we’ll both get $25 Orbucks when you make your first eligible hotel booking:


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