Salvaging Your Expedia Rewards Points

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Through May 17, Expedia is offering cheaper redemption options. You can now use 700 Rewards points for a $5 hotel coupon or 1,400 points for a  $10 hotel coupon. Usually the least number of points required is 3,500. The coupon is good towards a hotel booking on Expedia and lasts one year from date of issue.

Expedia Rewards cheaper redemption options

It’s not a particularly great deal, but its not a bad either. It’s roughly the same value as redeeming 3,500 points for a $25 hotel coupon.

If like me, you wound up with a useless amount of Expedia Rewards points (2,500 in my case) when they changed their earning structure last year, it’s a chance to salvage them.

Revisiting the Expedia Rewards program reminded me of how much I love the new Orbitz Rewards program! Rather than one point per $2 spent on flights, Orbitz lets you earn 1% Orbucks for all flights, more if you book via their online app. And the best part is you can redeem Orbucks instantly, with no minimum. If you’ve earned $.50 in Orbucks, you can take $.50 off your next hotel booking.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register via my link and you’ll get $25 Orbucks to use towards your first hotel reservation (and I’ll get $25 in Orbucks after your first stay).


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