The Unconfiscatable Corkscrew for Travel

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I finally found a wine corkscrew that’s easy to use AND has never been flagged by the TSA. After several years of losing several corkscrews I rather liked because what was ok for my outbound airport (I live in DC!) was not ok at the smaller airports on the return, etc  I started on a search for a corkscrew that would easily open bottles and get through security every time.

For awhile I tried just going with screwtop bottles on my trip, but the selection was usually very poor and unappealing. Then I tried factoring in an extra $10 per bottle for a corkscrew I wouldn’t take home with me, but since I usually only wanted 2 glasses, at the point I was better off just going to the hotel bar.

So I did a lot of research and acquired the two most recommended wine bottle openers. The first was the Brabantia Classic Corkscrew. I gave it a shot, but never really got the hang of it and it was larger than I’d expected, a 6-8″ cylinder, which is fine, except when you’re trying to travel compactly.

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The second, the Boomerang, has become my favorite. It’s a little longer than your typical hand wine opener, ~8″ to the 3-4″ I’m used to, but its very flat (and thus easy to pack) and it has rarely even been flagged for a re-screen. Its foil cutter is much easier to use than the Brabantia, 4 cutting wheels vs one sharp point, and because it uses tiny wheels rather than a foil cutting blade, it’s ok by TSA standards.

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The typical travel corkscrew also qualifies, but I have yet to find anyone who can easily use those things or do so without hurting their hands.

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On my recent trip to Alaska I was super tired after a day of flying to Barrow and back, so I splurged on a room service dinner and also requested a wine glass for the bottle I’d brought to toast the Arctic Ocean with, but would now be toasting the Anchorage skyline. It was a busy night for them, so it was actually the head of catering wound up delivering my meal and had thoughtfully brought a wine key as well as a glass.

He saw my corkscrew and we had a brief but enjoyable conversation about the relative merits of wine openers and which ones could travel with. I actually think he might have bought the Boomerang after that 🙂

So if you’re looking for a travel wine opener that you won’t have to replace (and that won’t frustrate you to the point you want to open the bottle by flinging it against a wall), I recommend the Boomerang.

Disclaimer: When I say “unconfiscatable” I mean that the chances it will be are extremely low and in the last 12 months of my travel has not. The TSA can probably confiscate, or threaten to confiscate anything they like, so unless you’re willing to potentially miss your flight to argue with them, there may be a time when you have to forfeit something, such as the wine opener, even when you shouldn’t have to. If you purchase anything using the Amazon links above, Jeanne & I will get referral credit and more importantly, a great deal of satisfaction that we were able to recommend something useful that others like too.


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