TSA Security Tips for Females

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As you know, Jeanne and I like to look nice when we travel, preferably in heels and dresses. And it’s not just for looks, it’s our best option when opting out of the body scanners.

Some of the most invasive moves of the pat-down is when they run their hands under your waistband and collar and when they move up your leg until they “meet resistance”.

So you might think jeans are best, but as one TSA employee told me in Miami last week, dresses are the most airport friendly.

If you’re wearing a dress, you take a slightly different stance, like the beginning of a lunge, and they pat the front and back of your thighs through the dress rather than risk lifting your hem line too high. Versus jeans or pants where they’ll go right up until they meet “resistance.”

So when picking your airport garb, consider a collarless, beltless dress and save yourself some time and molestation.

dresses for opting out of TSA security

(whale carry-on not recommended)

Also consider a pair of pumps or strappy slip on sandals, which are much easier to doff and don than laced shoes. Of course that has it’s pros and cons too – either plan ahead with a small pair of socks, or bring sanitizer for afterwards. You will get a great calf work out tip-toeing barefoot through security though!

And on a related note, make sure your ID, ticket, wallet and jewelry are tucked into something else out of site when going through the X-ray machine. That reduces the temptation for someone else to just grab them off the top and walk away while you’re still in line.

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