Is This the Best Week to Book Thanksgiving Flights?

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It might be! Hipmunk looked at historical data and determined that 6 weeks in advance of a holiday is when you’ll find the greatest savings. Thus, the week of October 3 might be the best time. (Skyscanner is predicting October 31 is the best week, with October 17 the next best.)

If you’re in one of the top 20 markets.


What I love about Hipmunk’s analysis is they dug further into the data, flagging this week will only apply to the top 20 markets. For those of us flying to or from less popular destinations, it’s a little harder to determine the sweet spot for booking the best fare and we’ll probably be paying more than usual.

For those kinds of travel plans your best option is to set a fare alert, which both Hipmunk and Google Flights offer and jump on a good fare as soon as you see it! Right now it’s looking like I should have booked my flights to the Northwest weeks ago…


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