Canary Islands: How Many Days Needed to See the Sights?

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I think I just discovered one of the most unhelpful TripAdvisor threads I’ve seen in awhile. Scott’s Cheap Flights just posted a deal to the Canary Islands from the East Coast this fall for $300s/$400s roundtrip. It just so happens the Canary Islands are on my travel wish list, though admittedly I know little about them. So even though I was hurrying to book the deal, I decided to take a few minutes in between meetings to do some research and see what there was to see — could I get away with a weekend, or would a long weekend (I can’t spare more time) be better.

Someone had already asked my question on TripAdvisor: “How many days are enough for sight seeing in Tenerife?

The overwhelming response: years are not enough.

Hmmm, definitely not helpful. One person did say you can see the island in a day, but to really see the things worth seeing you’d need longer. A very fair point (and one that can apply to many destinations).

So for now I’m booked for a weekend this fall, but providing the deal lasts for a day or two and I can rebook, would welcome input from readers on whether I should try to stretch from 2 1/2 days to 4 or even 5. Also tips on “sights worth seeing” with limited time would also be appreciated.


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