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Travel Wine Openers Getting Confiscated at CDG Airport

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Just a quick head’s up for fellow wine lovers — the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) aiport security in Paris is confiscating bladeless travel wine openers, including connecting passengers.

My “unconfiscatable travel corkscrew” makes it through the most stringent of US airport security, but it’s not having a good track record in Europe. My dad and I were headed to a week of wine tasting in Spain when my wine opener was flagged in Paris airport transit security and pulled aside for additional screening.corkscrew_boomerang

The agent couldn’t contain his scorn that I had tried to bring it. I can’t speak French but tried to respectfully point out it had no foil cutting blade. He just pointed to the corkscrew part and trashed it. I guess they have increased security measures and the length fell outside acceptable limits?

So head’s up that they’re confiscating bladeless corkscrews in both Charles de Gaulle Airport and Malpensa (MXP) outside Milan, Italy. Safe yourself time and disappointment and leave yours at home if you’re unlucky enough to be connecting through or flying out of those locations.

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