This Flight Will Have a Front Row Seat for the Eclipse

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Via reddit (h/t: Brad), Delta Flight 2466 from Portland to Atlanta on August 21 has a flight path that almost exactly coincides with the eclipse.

Want to be on that flight? There’s still seats for sale starting at $401 with a bunch of window seats available in the preferred seating area. Just don’t pick row 22 which lacks windows.

Or 32,500 Delta miles + $5.60 will get you a seat. 🙂

I’m tempted, though with my luck the flight would be delayed and would miss seeing the eclipse.

The Gate has tips for finding the best place near you to see the eclipse and photographing it.

If you are thinking of going somewhere to see the eclipse, make sure you’re prepared in advance. Hotel rooms and rental cars are already sold out in most locations, as are Airbnb and other vacation rentals. Some small towns in the path are advising residents to stock up on groceries and gas as they’re anticipating shortages.

CNet has some helpful last minute planing tips and accommodation suggestions, including finding campgrounds via Hipcamp.

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