Greatest Documentary on the Louvre Available Free on Amazon Prime

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“Greatest,” of course, is subjective, but growing up there were a few VHS tapes we would keep checking out from the library time and time again. I’m sure some of them were cartoons, but the one I best remember was the 1963 documentary by Lucy Jarvis, “The Louvre: A Golden Prison.”

Only 55 minutes long I was captivated as a child by the narration by Charles Boyer, the unfamiliar music, and the shots of famous works interwoven with the history of the Louvre illustrated with (now cheesy) props. The stories of how the film crew were accidentally locked in the museum and curators were able to foil the Nazis’ attempt to seize the artwork have always stuck with me.

I’m pretty sure it was movies like this that inculcated my yen to see the world. 🙂

I’m so excited because I just discovered the movie is available for streaming, free for Amazon Prime Members. It is extremely dated with poor video quality that will likely turn some folks off. It is also not comprehensive as later films are, but if you can get past the non-HD and appreciate the artistic thought that went behind one of the first TV glimpses of the Louvre, you will probably enjoy it.

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