Hundreds of Checked Bags Sprayed With Sewage at Nashville Airport

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You already have to worry about TSA confiscating your valuables or baggage handlers stealing your stuff. If you fly through Nashville, Tennessee, apparently you also have to worry about bathroom leaks contaminating your checked luggage.

A toilet overflowed in the Southwest terminal and sewage leaked onto baggage on the floor below. 10 flights were delayed while the luggage was sanitized before loading and in certain cases, passengers were offered replacement bags. Fortunately it was Southwest luggage that was affected — I imagine they offered much better customer service then say, Spirit or Frontier would.

What’s most troubling? “A similar incident happened in June of last year,” Kostelecky said.

Not that you should be expecting sewage leaks, but incidents like this are just one more reason I advise friends to never buy luggage they’re unwilling to see stained or destroyed. I definitely like my suitcases and pay for durability but I buy them knowing they’ll never be pristine.

I’ll never forget flying a tiny EasyJet plane from Edinburgh to Paris years ago. A posh couple showed up with brand new Louis Vuitton luggage and threw a fit because it wouldn’t fit in the minute overhead bins. That was nothing compared to their reaction when they saw the brand new scratches it had obtained in the cargo hold.

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