Flying Through Atlanta? Make Sure You Walk Between Terminals A & B

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If you’re bored, angry, anxious or just looking for something to do the next time you’re at Atlanta Airport it is worth jumping off the Plane Train and walking between Terminals A and B.

You’ll suddenly go from a brightly-lit, crowded airport to a cool, tropical forest, complete with an audio thunderstorm and rain shower at one point. As the moving walkway takes you under colorful (aluminum) leaves the changing lights and sounds of the forest will surround you. There are even two “clearings” along the way where you can see clouds and watch local birds flying overhead.

Atlanta Airport Art Flight Paths

Atlanta Airport Art Flight Paths moving walkway

Atlanta Airport Art Terminal A B

Atlanta Airport Art Flight Paths Clearing

Definitely relaxing (unless you’re running for a plane).

And it should be, Flight Paths by Steve Waldeck cost the airport over $4 million. Whether or not you think it’s worth it, as long as it’s there and you have time to kill, you should enjoy it. And this is only one of many art installations across Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.

On my recent trip where I discovered this wonder I didn’t have quite enough time to walk to all the terminals, but it sounds like there are a few other permanent art installations worth a look.

ATL regulars, what other exhibits are worth making the effort for?

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