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Avoid ‘Irregular Operations’ While Traveling

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So this is definitely something I never planned to write about, since the new Phillips Colon Health commercial went there, I might as well.

If you’ve felt some of the negative effects from travel they describe — “occasional constipation, gas and bloating,” — you’re not alone. And nothing is worse than getting off a plane in a tropical destination half way across the world, to have your clothes not fit. Or to eschew amazing local dishes because everything you ate in transit is still with you.

Fiber supplements can be problematic for obvious reasons. Here’s two natural, healthy ways to improve your nutrition AND avoid system delays. A deficiency in either can cause delays, both are water soluable so an excess amount (within reason) is rejected by the body (with other things) with no ill effects.

  • [amazon_link id=”B000BV1O26″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Magnesium Citrate[/amazon_link] — Take two 200mg tablets (a mineral found in foods like green leafy vegetables and  not present in most airplane foods), if nothing improves within a few hours take another two tablets every couple hours until things are normal. Magnesium also serves as a muscle and nerve relaxant, so it might improve your vacation in more ways than one.
  • [amazon_link id=”B000GFPCO8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Vitamin C[/amazon_link] — Take several thousand mg extra. Any form works, although Vitamin C crystals take effect within an hour or two. If you don’t get results, you probably need more Vitamin C in your diet on a regular basis 🙂 Some studies have shown excess Vitamin C also improves moods, which is never a bad thing when spending long hours in transit.

Use good sense if trying either of these. And if you have a health condition or take medication, do a quick check to make sure the supplements are compatible.


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