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Shopkicks more of a Shopshuffle

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Jeanne and I met up for lunch today and happened to pass a Macy’s. With 360 possible shopkicks on the line, how could we resist going in?

We walk in the door, pulling up our Shopkick apps. Bing! Jeanne has 60 points. I have…nothing? Apparently my check in didn’t register as being in the building, but the point earning opportunity for walking in had disappeared. Jeanne then spent the next 2 minutes in the doorway, trying different things, holding the phone at different angles to catch a better signal but no success. We both have Droids, so that wasn’t the issue.

Having thoroughly alerted any clerks to our presence with all our phone antics, we headed upstairs to the kitchen department to start scanning. Our search was made a little bit harder by the fact that Jeanne momentarily forgot what a toaster oven looked like, but eventually we found it and the coffee pot and scored 50 kicks for scanning the barcodes.

Our search for the travel mugs proved futile, as that Macy’s had downsized their selection to one brand and model (not the one worth Shopkicks). We headed to the backpacks, eventually finding the right one and also discovered we had no cell signal. We were on the 3rd floor of the store, deep within the recessess of bedding and home goods, so it wasn’t super surprising, but still.

Hmmm…we didn’t really want to lug a comforter, backpack, body pillow, towels, and linens down to the front door to scan, but nothing we did would get our signal back. Not even going back to the kitchen area where we’d had such success worked. Then I found a FreeMacysWifi signal.



After trying to connect for 3 minutes, no success. In the meantime we were definitely getting weird looks as we were walking around in circles, hovering over our phones, and sighing heavily as we tried to scan barcodes with our phone. We finally abandoned the mission, leaving with only 110 shopkicks to Jeanne’s name and 50 to mine.

Tip: If going somewhere for the main purpose of shopkicking, make sure the building is one that will have full cell coverage or plan to cut your losses quickly.

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  1. Jeanne

    July 25, 2012 at 8:45 am

    We would have been AWESOME on Supermarket Sweep! That is, as long as they didn’t suddenly require the use of cell service during the game show.

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