Labor Day Brunch in New Orleans

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The last full day of our Labor Day trip we had a few places left on our list of recommendations to cross off before we headed out to our hotel near the airport. We’d originally planned to return to Mother’s Restaurant for a very affordable breakfast, but got a late start and decided to head directly to our first destination, the Old Absinthe House, which had been suggested for drinks.

It was about 10AM when we arrived at the place and we were hoping they served food. Alas, the awesome one-room, supposedly haunted bar only served alcohol until the evening and the only ghost we saw was glare from my skin.

We decided to stop for a drink and then continue on. My bloody mary was outstanding, although not cheap at $7. I don’ t think it had any tomato juice in there, just hot sauce, Worcestershire, vodka, and some picked peppers. YUM!

I’d done a search for breakfasts open on Monday in the French Quarter ( I found New Orleans Menu really useful for my dining searches) so we headed towards The Coffee Pot. Along the way I developed a strong preference for eating outside, so we sidetracked to the Napoleon House instead.

It had a charming courtyard which was perfectly suited for the slightly cooler weather. We started off with a cheese plate, which had basic, tasty selections – harvati with dill, gouda, cheddar, and some familiar but unnamed cheese. I was done with liquor so I switched to Beaujolais to accompany the cheese and my half muffaletta.

The menu had indicated half a muffaletta served one, but I was not prepared for the size of the sandwich. I made it through one quarter and took the other to go.

I loved that they also offered baked potato options with your choice of toppings it made for a nice change from the rich and/or spicy food we’d been indulging in the last couple of days.

I really liked the ambience of the Napolean House and the prices. If you’re looking for an authentic place that won’t break the bank, go here.

We meandered in the sunshine for awhile longer in the French Quarter, noting that once you’ve taken the architecture tour there’s not much else to do during the day other than eat and drink.

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