Pre-Order Meal Options on Domestic US Airways Flights!

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Ok, so this is probably not quite as exciting as the title would have you believe. Unlike Thai Airways, you still can’t order Lobster Thermidor for your cross country trip. BUT you can order a MarketPlace meal for your seat in economy, making sure they haven’t run out of your top choices by the time the cart gets to the exit row.

Jeanne’s upgrade on our upcoming mileage run cleared (she’s almost chairman), but mine didn’t (I’m a plat with only 50K miles flown this year).  So I was actually pretty excited to see this email pop up in my inbox for the first time.

I half expected it to be like the $20 Premium Meals for pre-purchase that they launched this summer. And as Point Me to the Plane mentioned in his post, if you upgrade 24 hours or less in advance, you’re stuck paying for the meal. Still, I was excited to see what my options were!

Clicking on the email took me to a page listing my flight details and showing all the meals that might be available. A drop down shows you which meals are available for pre-purchase. And best of all, you pay on board! So if your flight is cancelled or changed, you don’t have to mess with trying to get a refund.

I was delighted by the prices. Only $8 for a salad, fruit & cheese plate, or chipotle chicken lovosh — not any more than I’d pay in the airport or for a MarketPlace meal on board.

The whole pre-order but pay on board was appealing to sometimes risk adverse side. If my upgrade did clear at the gate, rendering my need for a meal unnecessary, and they approached me with the meal, I could see if they could sell it to someone else, etc before plopping down my credit card.

I’m rather excited about this option! I’ve been on 5+ hour flights where buy on board has sold out in the first 4 rows, leaving those who didn’t buy a meal in the terminal out of luck. Will let you know if it lives up to my hopes! 🙂


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