American Airlines Pre-Order Online Meal Option Is Back! Sorta.

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A fun perk to getting upgraded in advance on American Airlines was getting to choose your in-flight meal in advance, ensuring you wouldn’t get stuck with the less appealing options like oatmeal.

As long as you had been upgraded more than 24 hours in advance, you could pick your food, but that option temporarily went away before US Airways fully integrated. If you were purchasing a premium ticket less than 30 days in advance you could still choose your meal at the time of purchase, or you could call customer service to order.

Since I don’t have any food allergies or dietary restrictions I felt silly calling to pre-order a meal for a 3 hour domestic flight. But I was super excited this morning when checking in for a flight.

american airlines november pre-order meal option

The pre-order option was back! I couldn’t choose for my immediate flight since it was less than 24 hours but I could choose for the return.

american airlines november pre-select meal

Excited, I pulled up my next reservation. No meal option anywhere. I went back to today’s reservation. Also no meal selection option.

So it looks like if you’re checking in for a flight and any an upgraded/premium segments on the itinerary more than 24 hours out, you can pre-order meals online for those later segments. We’re getting there…

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