American Cancels All Friday Flights From CLT, DC/NYC Flights on Saturday

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American Airlines announced they’re cancelling all Friday flights in and out of Charlotte in anticipation of the approaching storm which is expected to deliver at least half an inch of ice. More than 600 flights are affected. (h/t: Phillip) Flights should resume Saturday morning.

All Washington DC flights have been cancelled for Saturday and as well as flights into New York airports Saturday afternoon.

What should you do if your flight is cancelled?

  1. Call customer service immediately. If you’re already in the airport, call customer service and walk to the nearest agent in case they can help you sooner.
  2. Know in advance your ideal dates and be ready to be flexible, available seats go fast.
  3. If you have internet access, research specific flights to suggest.
  4. Take a deep breath, its inconvenient but not the end of the world!

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