Free Lounge Access in GNV Through Ultimate Road Warrior Club

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On one of my recent trips through Gainesville, I noticed a standing sign on my way through security advertising the GNV Ultimate Road Warrior Club. A frequent flyer program for folks who frequent the Gainesville Airport, rather than a particular airline.

The sign mentioned prizes for those with the most roundtrips (I would never qualify) but I was intrigued and pulled up the website (I love their free internet). It looked like I could still win something:

And they apparently also randomly send tickets to anyone who has recorded at least one roundtrip that month. But what most appealed to my little elite status craving soul was the access to a private lounge. Now I figured the lounge wouldn’t be much, but there’s just something cool about the idea, particularly since there’s not signs for it, it almost feels like a Disneyland Club 33 experience (of sorts).

So I filled out the simple form, my welcome kit arrived a week or two later, and then I forgot to leave enough time to check out the lounge on my next trip. (It’s hard not to take advantage of being able to arrive at 4:40 for a 5:20 flight.) But this last time I was there I duly arrived 15-20 minutes earlier to leave time to find the lounge.

It was next to the airport administration office, which I hoped meant inside security, but no. It’s past the snack and vending area immediately outside the exit for arriving flights.

After typing in the lounge code, which I had forgotten and they emailed to me, I found myself in a small room filled with seating, a TV, and advertisements for Gainesville businesses.

I was kind of hoping for some bottled water or a coffee maker, but I really can’t complain since membership is free and you can usually show up at the airport right before your flight. I would not show up early again for the lounge, but if there’s ever a long flight delay on a particular crowded day, this lounge would be a nice oasis (unless it’s also crowded).


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