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7 Airport Lounges & Planes You Can Tour Via Google Street View

a white airplane with red and blue stripes

There’s a new way to figure out which airline seat you want! Google Street View has gone offroad and you can now tour select planes and airline lounges.

  1. Virgin America Airbus A320
    Experience Virgin America’s specialty mood lighting, scope out just how much that extra leg room in bulkhead and extra row reall is and see if the posh first class cabin is worth the splurge.
    a row of seats in a plane
  2. Air France 777
    A fun tour of the entire plane! Go through the curtains to see dinner service in Air France’s 777 First Class, check out the galleys and more.
    a room with a tray of food and a bed
  3. SAS Lounge in the Copenhagen Airport
    Get a detailed view of SAS’ two story lounge in the Copenahgen Airport.
    a room with tables and chairs and tables and chairs
  4. Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney Airport
    You can tour quite a bit of Sydney Airport via Street View and Virgin Australia opened the doors to their minimalist lounge.
    a room with a counter and people sitting in chairs
  5. British Airways Business Class-only A318
    British Airways operates a business class-only jet from London City to New York. Even if you can’t splurge on a ticket, you can still check it out, including the gates at the tiny LCY airport.
    a plane with rows of seats
  6. Emirates A380
    Emirates was one of the first airline’s to offer a virtual tour of their A380 plane, including the sumptuous bar and even the shower!a bar in a plane
  7. Virgin Atlantic Upper Deck
    So technically this is not Google Street View, but the website offers much the same functionality and allows you to stroll through the famous bar and seats up top.
    a person sitting in a chair in an airplane

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