Too Hot to Fly, Celebrity Carried Off Plane On a Stretcher & More

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If you have flights going through California or Arizona this week, keep an eye on your reservation. The current heatwave has actually made it too hot for some planes to take off or land and flights are getting delayed or cancelled. Via Conde Nast Traveler anything over 104 can be a problem, and the temps are hitting 120.

Heat creates thinner air, which means it doesn’t have enough density to give the plane enough lift to take off or land. The heat also limits the plane’s ability to climb properly, and the heavier the aircraft—the more people and luggage on it—the more impaired it becomes.

Another celebrity data point in the “should alcohol be served on planes” discussion. This time it was Selma Blair who apparently mixed prescriptions with alcohol in flight and had a melt down while traveling with her young son, ultimately being carried off the plane on a stretcher.

Uber users, if you have a Capital One Quicksilver credit card, rejoice! The 20% rebate is over, but you can get every 10th ride free now through March 2017.

They’ve discovered a newborn planet, the youngest to date!

Win 2 business class tickets to Serbia!

Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport (and some would argue one of the worst), is getting $6 billion in upgrades over the next 20 years. But it won’t be the new runway, concourse or hotel that gets tackled first. Nope. “One of the first items on the agenda is to modernize the airport’s West Crossover, WABE Radio reported. That’s the escalator corridor that links the plane train to baggage claim” Good to see they have priorities.

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