Dry Creek Valley With Delta Diva

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Before starting the StarMegaDo4 the week before Thanksgiving, Jeanne & I decided to go out to San Francisco the weekend before to have some fun in the wine country. We usually go to Napa since that’s where I have most of my wine club memberships, but since Delta Diva was free that day, we decided to head to his (grape) stomping grounds instead – Dry Creek Valley.

We arrived at the Sheraton Petaluma County around 1PM, met up, and were soon barreling north to his and Jeanne’s favorite, Pasalacqua Winery. Jeanne had been kind enough to share some of her coveted bottles with me in the past, so I was prepared to enjoy the visit, but I was not prepared for the gorgeous grounds to go with the wine!

As always, Pasalacqua wine was amazing and we hit it between crowds, so we got to enjoy most of our tastings chatting with the long-time employees.

Our next stop was Porter Creek Vineyards. A long time favorite of Delta Diva, and unfortunately recently discovered by San Francisco Chronicle. I say unfortunately before the charming little vine covered tasting room was packed out with 20+ people and a dozen more occupying every outside bench.

The proprietors though were doing a great job of moving amongst the crowd bottles in hand, somehow keeping up with who had what varietal next. The wine was good, I bought a bottle for our StarMegaDo4 wine tasting party in fact, but I only suggest going during non-peak times since the hard-to-find parking and potentially long wait times might not be worth it.

We capped off the awesome day with dinner at Boon Eat + Drink in downtown Guerneville. Boon’s main attraction lies in their amazing preparation of local foods and the wine list which features local favorites at not a terrible mark up. I could rave at length on what we had, but I don’t really need to say more than BRUSSEL SPROUTS. I mean, wow. You won’t believe how good they are…

You also wouldn’t believe how rude some of their patrons are, so I recommend going on the early side for dinner to avoid the rush.

It’s a small place and the tables are packed together. Jeanne wound up sitting with a table for two directly behind her. Space was cramped, and she considerately moved her chair forward so there was only 2-3 inches between her stomach and the table. But the woman who wound up seated behind her wasn’t satisfied with that and kept viciously shoving her chair into Jeanne’s. When we finally left with Jeanne slightly bruised, the woman was audible in her huffiness. The food was great, but the woman’s attitude left a lot to be desired.


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  1. Jeanne

    January 29, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Just the one patron! The others were fine!

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