Oops I Did It Again (I Messed With My Flights)

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This morning finds me downright embarrassed. The last couple of weeks I’ve just not been on my travel game (more about that to come) and last night I did something really dumb. I depended on the website flight status to let me know when my delayed flight was departing, and I missed my connecting flight for the second weekend in a row. And this time it was my fault.

It came about like this — I had a two hour layover in Charlotte on my rebooked Trip in Vain. I land and have an email waiting for me telling me my flight was delayed an extra hour. Great. So I head to the lounge and wind up making friends with several delightful people who were all awaiting their flights. I keep checking my flight status on my phone, not bothering to walk into the other room and check the monitors. A little before 10PM I walk with one of my new friends to our respective gates, arriving around 10 for my flight delayed til 10:39PM.

And discover that the departure time had been moved up and no announcement had been made. The flight was scheduled for 10:11PM now and had already closed boarding. The website didn’t reflect it. No announcement had been made in the lounge. I hadn’t received an email or call from US Airways. Nope. I’d just sat in the airport for 3 hours and because I’d chosen to wait in the lounge rather than the gate, I’d missed my flight by about 10 minutes. And I DO know better than to trust the website, but I was just really tired.

So tired that I just stared helplessly at the gate agent then begged for them to reopen the flight (and that I know they won’t do).

Last Friday night I was resigned as I was booking a hotel for the night. This Friday though I was in tears from frustration, embarrassment, and an overdue need to be hugged by family. Fortunately the Sheraton Charlotte Airport had last minute availability for only 3,000 points and a complimentary shuttle. So after a long wait in the cold, I finally arrived at the hotel where at least I got to experience treatment as a platinum which included a decent breakfast in the lounge (which fortunately was open on the weekends) and was a stay towards requalifying for status.

So just a friendly reminder when flying US Airways always be at the gate for delayed flights since they change departure times quickly and with no notice. If you have a story about (pointlessly) missing a flight, please share in the comments below!


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