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Why I Don’t Consider Myself A World Traveler

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An ongoing debate I’ve had with my family and a few close friends has been whether or not I’m a “World Traveler.”

Yes, I have been to locations all over the world. Yes, I’m not only willing, but have flown 20+ hours for a weekend in Asia at a moment’s notice.  I’m at some of my happiest seeing different topography, sights, and sounds.


There are many places I have no desire to go, either because I’m scared or uninterested. And that lack of curiosity and self-imposed limitations is why I don’t think I deserve the title of World Traveler.

The closest I'll get to World Traveler

The closest I’ll get to World Traveler

To me that term has always meant someone with an insatiable curiosity to see all the sites and visit all regions on earth. And I don’t think I deserve to be classified with true adventurers like that. I will begrudgingly label myself jetsetter, but not world traveler.

What do you think qualifies as a World Traveler?


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