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Fast Track to Hilton Gold Status

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Here’s a quick way to get Hilton HHonors Gold Status in just 4 stays!

The Hilton MVP program is open to everyone, not just athletic teams, and offers 20% off the best rate at participating properties. It also offers a fast track to Hilton Gold Status — just register and stay 4 times (stays not nights) in 90 days.

Normally it takes 20 stays or 40 nights in a calendar year to earn Hilton Gold status, so this is a great offer!

I’ve seen other targeted fast track options for various corporate employees, but signing up if you’re not eligible risks having your account closed if they catch you. And the best of those offers is 4 stays, so this is a no-risk option.

Why is Hilton Gold worth it? Among other benefits it comes with:

  • upgrade to better room if available
  • free breakfast
  • late checkout


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