3 Easy Effective Hotel Safety Tips, Particularly When Traveling Solo

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The likelihood you’ll be attacked or harmed in your hotel is low, but still possible, so here are three easy ways to reduce the chances something bad will happen to you, particularly if you’re traveling alone.

1. If they say your room number aloud at check in, request another room. This may sound paranoid, but you never know who is within earshot checking out potential victims. The best hotels will just write the room number on the key card holder and at most mention what floor you’re on.

Also be aware of other times your room number might be mentioned. I was picking up a sandwich at a Hyatt House recently and the desk was crowded with people. I felt sheepish lowering my voice and almost whispering the number to the attendant, which turned into a big deal when he couldn’t hear me the first two times but there were about 8 other guests all waiting their turn in the area. Better silly than sorry!

2. If someone else is in your hallway, don’t stop outside your door until they leave. Also have your key ready so you’re not fumbling for it! Again, I always feel a little bad when I get off the elevator on the same floor and wind up pretending to check my phone or walk slowly until they enter their own room. But not knowing where I’m staying is a good start in staying safe.

3. Have a self-defense strategy ready. This is the most important! Know in advance what you would do if someone tried to break into your hotel room or overpower you in the hallway. I spoke on traveling solo as a female at the Frequent Traveler University in Dallas earlier this year and asked everyone in the crowd what they would do if someone broke into their hotel room tonight. Almost everyone there had traveled far more extensively than I had, but no one had a plan.

In some ways it almost doesn’t matter what your plan is as long as you have one. Not getting caught off guard goes a long way.

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