One Important Thing to Know Before Making an Mlife Reservation

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Those of you who have earned Mlife status or matched your Hyatt status to the program may already know this, but sharing in case you weren’t aware. The second guest on an Mlife elite status reservation cannot check in first.

It makes sense, but I hadn’t heard that rule before. A friend and I were planning an upcoming jaunt to Vegas, and saw rates at the MGM Grand had dropped by almost half from a few weeks before. I have Gold status which made the rate about $40-$50 cheaper than the regular Mlife membership rate, so we booked under my name.

Since she is planning to fly in a good 12 hours before me, I wanted to make there wouldn’t be any difficulty with her checking in first. There wasn’t a place to add the second guest’s name so I called customer service.

I had noticed when making the reservation that the credit card used to make the reservation would be required at check-in, so I booked the room with her card and figured we’d be all set once I added her name. Nope.

That’s when I learned from the agent that only the Mlife member can check in on a reservation, the second guest cannot.

Whether that rule is strictly enforced at the hotel, I don’t know, but glad we found out before arrival so we could make alternate plans. I know even when doing online check in at the MGM Grand, they still ask to see ID before the kiosk will issue a keycard, so that wouldn’t be an option either.

In this case we just decided to forfeit the gold status discount (and my Hyatt stay credit) for the first night and book in my friend’s name, hoping they will combine the two reservations after check in.

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