Why You Should Continue to Check Hotel Rates After You’ve Made a Reservation

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Some of the best travel advice I’ve ever adopted is the concept of “gardening” your reservations — checking your flight, hotel, and car rental bookings periodically in case a cheaper rate or better option has become available since you made the reservation. (By the way, AutoSlash is a free service that checks your car rentals for you)

I reminded some friends of this tip over the weekend and they wound up saving $300 on a two night hotel stay! They’re headed to Vegas this weekend and hotel prices were astronomical when they booked because the Mayweather McGregor fight had just been announced. The bout has generated less than expected excitement (there’s a shocker), and I suggested they double check the hotel site in case the price had dropped.

It had — from $674 for two nights to $380 (with the general Mlife member rate).

These price fluctations are not uncommon, and provided you haven’t booked a nonrefundable rate, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes every couple of days until your stay to check!

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