What Would You Do If Someone Broke Into Your Hotel Room Tonight?

a hallway with a door and elevator

I opened my talk at the Frequent Traveler University in Dallas with this question.

Most of the audience had traveled even more extensively than I had, but no one had an immediate answer. Rather frightening when you think about it.

Most hotel rooms don’t have windows that open or balconies you can escape to. Which means your one means of escape is the door your attacker is coming through. Your plan will vary based on the hotel and the situation, but the important thing is to have a plan.

My number one safety tip for friends who are traveling, whether they’re alone or in a group, is to be aware of your environment and have a self-defense plan wherever you go.

Will you grab the phone and call the front desk? Do you have a metal nail file lying by the bed? Will you throw that giant gnome statue you picked up earlier in the day?

It might not be a good plan, but even having thought through your options will improve your odds of minimizing harm.

So next time you check into your hotel room (or get in a cab, or walk down the street) take a minute or two to consider your options and be ready, just in case.

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  1. I do not see how anyone can break in if you have the double locks on and the chain or whats the other thing called….put on, I always turn the knob all the way and put on the security chain or bar when I enter the room.

  2. @Aaron K: You nailed it for me. I always have a surefire E1B flashlight and a gun if the destination recognizes my permit. If not, I sub in a knife. The flashlight is blinding and can be a good thing to have in other emergency situations.

    The biggest concern I have is shooting through a wall and hitting someone in another room. For this reason, I take great care in what firearm/ammo combination I have with me when traveling.

    Hopefully, the blinding light and my screaming that I will shoot will be enough to stop the intruder.

  3. Unfortunately 99% of my hotel stays are destinations I fly to so my weapon options are limited to what the TSA will allow in carryon :/

    1. As long as your gun doesn’t resemble a bottle of water or a corkscrew, TSA probably won’t even notice it.

  4. what a lawless country must be. You seem terrified of crime.

    This post captures everything that is wrong with america

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