Yellow Jersey Sav Blanc: Wine in a Plastic Bottle

a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine

I’ve had boxed wine, wine bagged Capri Sun style, and heard about canned wine. But a full size plastic bottle of wine was new to me. I had stopped by a liquor store near Denver Airport to pick up a bottle and discovered Yellow Jersey wines.

They’re made in France and this store offered the option of 2007 Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. What first caught my eye was that they looked like they had been squeezed and I was impressed by the cool bottle. Well impressed when I thought it was glass. Way less artistic when it’s plastic.

Hmmmm. But it seemed only fair to give it a try since Tiff tried all the canned wine on Spirit Airlines and my dad, who loves the Tour de France had switched from boxed to bottled wine so we could drink together.

I thought the Yellow Jersey Sauvignon Blanc had the best chance of being innocuous so opted for that. Not surprisingly, the 2007 white wine in a plastic bottle had passed it prime. While it wasn’t corked, it was a deep yellow color and definitely off.

So if you see it in the store and really want to try a plastic bottle wine, go for a more recent year and/or the red…Or just take a picture and skip tasting entirely!

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