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The Saga Ends: We find out–“Tiff, Do You Like Spirit’s Wine in a Can?”

Invalid request error occurred.I do not like them on a plane; I do not like them in the rain. I do not like them here or there.  I do not like them ANYWHERE.

Yup, the verdict is out. I tried both the “Friends Fun Wine†Moscato White and the Moscato Strawberry and they’re not good. They stink.

I was glad I was able to order both beverages on as short of a flight as I was on (43 minutes in the air). I ordered both drinks and the Spirit “picnic pack†that included crackers and cheese, applesauce in a “to-go†pack, dark chocolate blueberries and a yogurt/apple/granola mix. My biggest disappointment with the “picnic pack†was the fruit packs were smaller than I expected.

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I was served both of the wines and two plastic cups, one with ice and one without so I could try it with and without ice. The wine wasn’t very chilled yet being the first flight of the day so I was glad to have that option.

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For those who have never used a disposable camera before you have to wind the film each time before you take a picture. So I wound it to get ready to take a pic and I accidently hit the button and took a picture of the back of the seat in front of me. 😛

Invalid request error occurred.With both wines in front of me I tried the “Moscato White†first. I took my first sip in the can, then I poured a little in a cup, then I tried it with some ice as well. On the positive side, it wasn’t as sickly sweet as I feared it was going to be. On the negative side it didn’t really have any taste at all.  It was really bizarre. Even those “Arbor Mist†wines have some flavor to them, but this didn’t have any flavor at all. I opened the Moscato Strawberry and assumed it would have more flavor to it, it did, but that didn’t mean it was good. The Strawberry was awful. I kept thinking it wasn’t possible and maybe I was just missing something, but every time I tried it again it seemed to get worse. I ate some of the crackers and cheese just to eat something, and it seemed to make the wine taste worse. I switched it up and ate the chocolate-covered blueberries to see if eating something sweet would help; and it did bring the white wine back to “bland†but the strawberry was still just as awful as before.

I don’t think between the two cans I finished even one can of wine (one can = 1 1/3 glass of wine) and honestly I don’t think I even finish a traditional glass of wine. When the flight attendant came by to pick up our trash I apologetically handed him the cans and told him there was still quite a bit left in them, he nicely told me I could hold on to them and try to finish them during descent. I told him that was okay, he could throw them away. 😛

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Editor:  Would you have tried Spirit’s wine in a Can?


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  1. They should offer an alternative to Moscato, first of all. Second, it just seems like an uncertain idea. Thanks for being the guinea pig!

  2. I think I would have been more apprehensive trying non-sweet wines. It’s a rough job being the guinea pig but someone had to do it. 😉

  3. I guess it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. I think that stuff would make wine-in-a-box sound good!

    1. Target’s boxed wine is actually not half-bad, especially the sangria style red!

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