Y U NO LIKE SPIRIT AIRLINES?: The Quest for Canned Wine Continues

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Here is an interesting quirk about Spirit Airlines when you buy your tickets at the airport and don’t purchase bags (or anything) online. You don’t get a reminder E-mail about checking in 24-hours before that you normally get before a flight. I’ve gotten E-mails from them in the past so I think you have to purchase something online to generate the automated E-mail. Luckily, since I have AwardWallet, I received my reminder E-mail from them. Both for my morning flight and for the one back in the afternoon. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to check-in for my return flight until I completed the first leg of my trip but luckily I was able to check-in to both flights and print out both of my tickets before I left. the day of my trip was starting out not-so-great with me forgetting my phone, camera, the snafu at the Express parking lot, and getting patted down in security. However once I got to the gate there were some positive things. First DFW has free wi-fi so I was able to log in and send messages to Jeanne and my husband about what a bonehead I was with forgetting my camera and phone today. Then I hear the gate agent make the announcement that they had a weight and balance problem with the aircraft and needed to move people to the front of the aircraft. If you were seated behind row 12 and were interested in changing your seat go see the gate agent. Of course I made a beeline for the agent and got moved from seat 20B to 5C, yay! as we were boarding I hear the gate agent announce that those needing extra assistance including families with small children were welcome to board with the first boarding group. I loved that. There are so many airlines going away from letting families board early, it was nice to see they were making a point to make life easier for people traveling with small children. I hate boarding after everyone’s already on board with all the stuff I have to bring when I have the kids with me. I’m always “that guy” constantly apologizing and trying not to hit people with all our stuff as we’re walking down the aisle.

The flight was not full which was great. There was an empty seat between me and the other person in my row and there were even several “big front seats” sitting empty. There was an A1C (Airman First Class, an E-2 in the USAF) in uniform on our flight.  Before we took off the flight attendant went up to the A1C and offered him one of the “big front seats” which I thought was really nice.

Wine in a canBefore takeoff I was reading through the menu trying to determine whether or not they would serve alcohol on such a short flight (43 minutes flying time) and if so whether or not they would be willing to serve me not just one but two cans of wine.  While perusing the menu I saw this interesting tidbit: “Regulations prohibit passengers from consuming their own alcoholic beverages while en route” which reiterates the FAA policy and makes me think they would say something to a person drinking wine from their bra, but maybe that’s something to find out on a future flight. 😉

This post is part of a series:

This post is part of a series:

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