“Tiff, Do You Like Spirit’s Wine in a Can?” “I Do Not Like Them, Jeanne-I… well, maybe just one.”

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Wine in a can2A couple of weeks ago Jeanne asked if I heard that Spirit Airlines was now serving wine-in-a-can on their flights. I hadn’t, so I looked it up. Sure enough, there it was; wine-in-a-can.  To the Spirit’s credit, at least it’s all sweet wine and they’re not trying to sell Merlot-in-a-Can. 😛   (Though the website for the company does list Cabernet Merlot; it just isn’t an option on Spirit)

Then Jeanne asked me if we were flying on Spirit again anytime soon so I could try it. I told her unfortunately we weren’t; the next trip we have planned isn’t until Labor Day weekend. BUT I told her I would look to see if there were any cheap flights someplace close where I could fly out and back in the same day so I could try the beverages. Sure enough, there were flights to Houston where I could fly out in the morning and fly back in the afternoon for around $40 (round-trip). I was going to DFW the next week anyways so I picked a few dates I could go and told Jeanne I would get the tickets the next week.

Wine in a canThere are two lines for Spirit at DFW. One line is for those people who have already purchased their bags and have printed out their tickets (and if you haven’t printed your tickets, there’s several kiosk’s you can do it at and then get in line). The other line at DFW is for those making monetary transactions, so those purchasing bags and/or tickets. The line for those who needed to purchase their bags was ridiculously slow.

Seriously, if you’re flying Spirit, there is no good reason not to purchase your bags and print out your tickets ahead of time.

But I digress. I finally get to the counter and I first ask if I can buy tickets at $9 fare club prices at the airport. No I cannot. Good to know, you can only do that online or over the phone. So I ask for the price of the flight to Houston the next Tues. She looks it up and tells me “$1” (plus airport taxes and fees). Nice. Then I tell her I want to return on the same day, she looks that up and tells me that’s also only a $1. So, my total cost for my round-trip ticket to Houston, $26.30.

Because I’m stubborn, I did not pay extra to choose my own seat. When I checked in this morning I was assigned a middle seat. Thankfully the flight’s only a little over an hour long.

So tomorrow, for the low price of $26.30, I will be flying to Houston and back on Spirit so I can try their wine-in-a-can and possibly also their Capri-Sun-style adult beverages. I will be taking pictures and tweeting from the airport (I can’t from the plane since Spirit doesn’t have wi-fi) and I will let everyone know how it goes. 🙂

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