The Quest for Spirit Wine in a Can: The (Mis)Adventure Begins!

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Tiff begins her journey to find Spirit Airline’s canned wine…


I was definitely off to a typical start this morning. In fear of being late and missing my flight I rushed out of the house. I realized during my drive I forgot a camera, but rationalized it was okay because I had the camera on my phone. Which would have been great… except I also forgot my phone. In typical Tiff-fashion, I brought my charger, but no phone. 😛

sfl-spirit-new-inflight-beverages-20130605-001I also decided because of the construction and the extra time it takes to drive around for remote parking to park in the Express parking lot because I have never done that before and thought it would be faster. The operative word here is “thought”. First I went through the exact opposite side of the toll booths I needed to be on to exit in ¼ of a mile. Then when I got there the uncovered (read: cheaper) parking was under construction so I had to use the covered (read: more expensive) parking. Though I like the idea of the covered parking, I didn’t like that I had no option and wasn’t aware of it until I was already inside. My other option at that point was to park on the opposite side of the airport.

I don’t think parking in Express saved me any time than parking in Remote. Instead of waiting outside for a bus we waited inside until they had enough people (or buses around) to leave. I got dropped off first which made me think that when I get picked up we’ll be going to every terminal pick-up point before we get back to the parking lot.

Since I knew I would be inside an airport all day I dressed rather warmly for Texas in June. There seems to be a correlation between how hot it is outside and how cold the buildings are so I opted for long sleeves and jeans for my flight. In keeping with the “Spirit” of “Heels First” (you see what I did there?) I choose to wear my Texas blingy high-heeled flip-flops.


The shirt I wore is baggy in the lower sleeves which rewarded me with a pat-down when I went through security at DFW.

The shirt in question that merited the extra pat-down.

The shirt in question that merited the extra pat-down.

Once through security I stopped to buy a disposable camera and when I got to the gate I found out we were running about 30 minutes late so I could have taken the few extra minutes at home to make sure I had my phone and/or camera and I still would have made it on time…

This post is part of a series:

This post is part of a series:

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