Hooray? Canned Wine Coming to an Airport Near You

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Travelers missing Spirit Airlines’ canned wine (which disappeared early 2015) can rejoice, canned wine options are coming to an airport near you!

Airport convenience store HMSHost partnered with Precept Wine and Whole Foods Market to create a canned wine experience for the airport. Cans from Westside Wine Co come in two options: California Chardonnay and Cabernet Savignon. It’s currently available in about 20 airports including Las Vegas, Nashville, and San Diego, with more coming soon.

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Why I’m actually considering it? I normally veer from entry/mid-level Califonia wines since I like some subtlety to my oak, but perhaps chilled and in a can will help negate that. Also, each can is 250ml, approximately 1 1/2 glasses, perfect if one glass isn’t enough but you’re not quite up for two.

Just makes sure you finish your can before boarding as  it is illegal to consume any alcohol in-flight other than that served by flight attendants.

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